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So really there are two questions. Why clawfoot tubs. And then why Lets take the first one first. A clawfoot tub is possibly one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable domestic icons. The classic slipper claw foot tub or the elegant bateau bath are design shorthand for baths and bathing. But clawfoot bath tubs are much more than that.

No one needs a claw foot tub. But people do need beauty, romance and function. And that’s really what a clawfoot tub inspired bath room is about. They are about ritual, and luxury and contemplation. But they also need to work. Claw foot bathtubs have stood the test of time because they just work. And work for a long, long time.

And why Simple – we don’t just sell clawfoot bathtubs, we build them as well. We know what works, what doesn’t and what we need to do to build beautiful bathtubs that not only look great but which we are confident supporting with a 25 year guarantee. We don’t know who else does this. But we are so sure of our expertise and craftsmanship we wouldn’t do anything else.

We’ve built thousands of clawfoot and freestanding bath tubs for many well known brands around the world. The luxury design industry values heritage and history, and this was reflected in the way our end user customers bought our products.Often from dealers, sometimes with designers (and we are keen to continue supporting both these professional groups well into the future)

But our industry, like almost every other, is being transformed by digital. Our buyers are often passionate about design, and often spend a long time thinking about and planning their perfect clawfoot bathroom. And we need to be where our customers are – online.

What this also means is in many cases we can supply direct, not just reducing costs but also ensuring a seamless experience for our customers, dealers and design partners. This is particularly important for clawfoot bathtub accessories and clawfoot tub faucets. By listening closely to what our customers want we can often recommend great products and installers.

Transitional design is often referred to as traditional with a twist – or contemporary you can live with. It combines modern design with heritage influences. Its what we mean by luxury for the thoughtful.

Transitional thinking informs many of our designs. We don’t just copy what worked in the past, but bring classic designs up to date, taking advantage of new methods and materials. We call it hand built high tech. It means we can build beautiful products with traditional craftsmanship, but designed for modern homes and lifestyles.

But transitional design doesn’t just look good – it also makes great investment sense (and bulding or renovating a bathroom is a major investment). Our research, and that of organisations such as the NKBA, show that transitional design is now the number one interior design trend for any kind of bathroom.

Clawfoot bath tub designs help create not just beautiful rooms, but also great investments. Now that’s true luxury for the thoughtful.


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