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It seems strange intrdoucing our "new" ranges below - most are based on authentic classics developed over the past 120 years. But our ranges aren't pastiche, as technology moves on so have we. Hand built high tech means we only use super high density acrylic double skin construction. From Sylvie, our classic slipper, to Flo, the boutique hotel classic of the future, our carefully edited range will include what you're looking for in a Clawfoot inspired freestanding bath. But if not just let us know at We've probably got it (or can get it for you).

  • Sylvie



    Sylvie is the little sister to Celine, and is a traditional English clawfoot bath with iconic slipper styling.

  • Celine



    Celine, big sister to Sylvie, is an indulgently large English clawfoot bath with iconic slipper styling. Slipper baths are designed with a high back for luxurious bathing - but use less water than other baths. Celine is a stunning...

  • Beatrice



    Beatrice is a beautiful and elegant Bateau (or boat) bath modeled on a French original from the early 20th Century. Possibly the most graceful of all Clawfoot baths, Beatrice offers the advantages of compact size and luxurious soa...

  • Molly



    Molly combines the best of traditional Clawfoot design with the practical needs of modern living. Molly is a double ended clawfoot bath with a contemporary twist. We've changed the roll top to a flat top - and incorporated a short...

  • Edith



    An authentic reinterpretation of a freestanding bath, Edith is one of our worldwide best sellers. With an authentic roll top and generous dimensions Edith is a hard working and practical bath suitable for any style of room. Suppli...

  • Lydia



    Possibly the most versatile of all our freestanding Clawfoot baths, Lydia is a classic single ended bath designed to mount straight against a wall. The combination of classic design and space saving means that Lydia can make a gre...

  • Su



    Su is a stunning bath and a bold style statement in any bathroom. Taking design cues from art deco baths of the early 20th Century, Su is a radically different reworking for the 21st Century. An integral plinth, an exaggerated bat...

  • Flo



    Flo is a stunning reinterpretation of a plinth mounted bateau - but brought up to date with simple lines and an enhanced flat top ledge for extra bath storage. Flo works well in both period and contemporary spaces, and represents ...

  • Blick



    A dramatic reinterpretation of a freestanding bath drawing on our classic Clawfoot heritage. Blick is a directional design that makes a strong statement in any contemporary interior. Though our baths work well in any style of inte...

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