Need Help?

Delivery is an important part of our service, and we work hard to make sure we get what you order to you on time every time.

The first step in our delivery process is custom packing of your order. We deliver in hard wearing cartons and crates, and usually ship by ground. However we have warehouses around the world and if we need to get something to you fast we'll ship by air - and usually at our expense.

The second step is to schedule a shipper or carrier. We usually work with external companies who know us well and who know what we ship. Often our shippers can only deliver to your curb - this means they can't take you order inside the door. If this will cause you any problems just let us know when we send you the order confirmation and we'll work out how best to meet your needs.

The third step - and an important one - is making sure we keep you informed about the status of your order and deliver when we say we will. To do this we'll send you a tracking number and an online tracking website so you can be sure of where your order is and when it will be delivered. But if you ever need to speak to us about an order then call or email and we'll get right back with an update.

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