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Bakersfield, CA: Vintage Copper Tub and Classic Vanity

A vintage copper tub will transform an ordinary bathroom into something extra special.  Combined with a classic traditional vanity unit, a vintage copper tub is the perfect edition to a vintage bathroom. 

Most classic vintage copper tubs will tend to have an acrylic or a cast iron interior.  The exterior of the tub will usually be moulded or pummelled copper which will tend to change colour in time.  Copper is a living, breathing material.  This is becasue any copper surface which is exposed to the atmosphere will gradually oxidize, producing an array of subtle color changes over the years. 

Because of the oxidation process, the copper tub that you buy is rarely the copper tub that you end up with after years of use.  There are some chemical treatments which can be applied to the exterior of a copper bath tub to prevent the natural oxidation process.  However in actual fact many people enjoy this aspect of copper's natural transformational characteristic.  The colors that will often emerge include subtle tones of green and burnt orange, which are very pretty colors set against natural copper shades. 

Can anything be better than a vintage copper tub?  Well maybe not, but you can enhance a copper tub even more by accompanying it with a classic vanity.  Check out the example in this vintage bathroom photograph.  Notice the copper vanity pedestal?  How elegant!

In addition to the superior look and style of a copper tub, there are some suggestions that copper has healing properties.  Admittedly, these claims are not really back up with hard scientific research.  However, if a long hot soak in a vintage copper tub makes you feel better, then who cares about the science bit?

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