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Clapham: On Trend Industrial Bathrooms

Have you grown tired of the traditional, vintage and shabby chic bathroom styles of recent years?  Of course, bathroom design is all a matter of taste.  And some traditional styles of bathroom are absolutely stunning.  But sometimes going back to basics is the best way to get your perfect, contemporary and affordable bathroom.  And, a perfect way to achieve a beautifully paired down and spartan bathroom without going too spartan is to design yourself an industrial style of bathroom space.

So, what is an industrial bathroom?  Well, fear not, there is not a builder or a breeze block in site!  An industrial bathroom is a bathroom which is beautiful and comfortable, but uses reclaimed industrial fixtures and fittings to make up the elements in your bathroom ensemble. 

In this example of a simple industrial bathroom, there is still the comfort and luxury of a classic Clawfoot Tub, which is essential to the theme.  Afterall, a bathroom without a Clawfoot Tub is, well, just not right!  So, include into your industrial bathroom space luxurious elements like a Clawfoot Tub.  But, add to your bathroom practical and useful elements of reclaimed industrial fittings such as pipework, overhed lighting and plumbing fixtures.  Of course, these elements do need to work properly and be upto standard!  But if you can get hold of the right stuff, then you can design your way into a beautiful, simple yet stunning industrial bathroom.

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