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Slipper Bathtubs

Slipper baths and their close cousins, French Bateaux or Boat baths, are the most extravagant and romantic Clawfoot baths. Designed with high backs and sweeping curves Slipper and Bateaux baths are probably the most iconic bath designs. But they aren't just period treasures, and look stunning in ultra contemporary spaces. Our Celine and Sylvie baths are designed with a broader deck, pre drilled to allow simple fitting of the deck mounted faucets as shown below.

  • Sylvie



    Sylvie is the little sister to Celine, and is a traditional English clawfoot bath with iconic slipper styling.

  • Celine



    Celine, big sister to Sylvie, is an indulgently large English clawfoot bath with iconic slipper styling. Slipper baths are designed with a high back for luxurious bathing - but use less water than other baths. Celine is a stunning...

  • Beatrice



    Beatrice is a beautiful and elegant Bateau (or boat) bath modeled on a French original from the early 20th Century. Possibly the most graceful of all Clawfoot baths, Beatrice offers the advantages of compact size and luxurious soa...

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